A Look at Stylometry: Can We Uncover Satoshi Through Literary Quirks?

Over the previous couple of years, the number of people looking for Satoshi Nakamoto has elevated as people all around the globe have been searching for the mysterious creator of Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency-community has moreover seen just some people come out of the woodwork not too way back, who’ve claimed to be Satoshi or have been accused of being the foreign exchange’s creator. Then there’s that one man who says he’s Nakamoto and has printed the first chapter of his autobiography. One investigative methodology that’s been used often to try to uncover Satoshi Nakamoto’s id is a scientific approach referred to as stylometry, which reveals that there are just a few people dwelling on earth which have ever written like Nakamoto and the crypto-inventor’s writing sort shouldn’t be simple to plagiarize.

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The Quest to Uncover the Precise Satoshi…

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