Artificial Intelligence and Robotics are Not the End of Humanity

With Magnus Collective, They’re Actually the Start of an Investment Revolution

If you have watched your grandma struggled to communicate with her Amazon Alexa to buy toilet paper, you’re not alone. Millions of people are watching this tragedy happen over and over again on a daily basis, and grandmas all over the world are suffering.

The truth is, grandma isn’t upset and frustrated that this technology is changing her life in a bad way—she’s upset and frustrated because it doesn’t work, and that is the major pain point of artificial intelligence and robotics across the board.

That’s why, right now, the integration of artificial intelligence and robotics is about to change forever.

So far, big tech companies that have promised the utopian future where technology empowers our lives in magnificent ways have struggled to deliver on that promise. It’s no wonder—artificial intelligence is complicated. So is robotics. The idea of replicating the way humans think in a meaningful and compelling way in order to automate and streamline technological processes is very difficult, and that is putting it lightly.

Many journalists and futurists are predicting that artificial intelligence and robotics is going to bring on a dystopian world.

Mangnus Collective is making sure that doesn’t happen. In fact, Magnus Collective is creating an unparalleled level of systematic connectivity between artificial intelligence systems and robotics across all industries—and, at the same time, creating an investment opportunity that has the potential to see a meteoric rise just like Bitcoin.

We’ve all heard this before: If you had invested $100 in Bitcoin in 2010, you’d have over $100 million today. Now, if you are at all unfamiliar with the massive spike in market value that has happened to Bitcoin, what you need to understand is that the value of Bitcoin is only speculation.

If you are any kind of veteran investor, you know that the most important way to navigate the cryptocurrency market is to get behind the best appropriations of block chain technology—and not the coins with the greatest volatility.

Volatility means you can win just as much as you can lose. But, if you were told to pack whether or not the use of artificial intelligence and robotics was going to be a winning bat or losing bet, which would you choose? Winning—and the answer is simple. Artificial intelligence is going to have a profound impact on our world, as is robotics—and the two are only going to grow more intertwined as time goes on.

This is where Magnus Collective comes in.
Magnus Collective has already carved out partnerships and interest from names like NOKIA, SIEMENS, Pfizer, Google, and others, have come together to appropriate block chain technology to power communications between artificial intelligence systems and robotic systems based on the affluence of a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

Right now, companies, organizations and individuals need sensor networks, robots, a high, hardware, and the real human employees who work alongside those technologies to communicate effectively. This helps everything we use in our daily lives function more efficiently – from using the Internet to buying and selling goods and services.

But, the problem is, until now, all of these different components have been completely isolated from each other, adding tons of time to the process of data exchange, and the execution of goods and services. This is a bit counterintuitive. Even a layperson will be able to tell you that artificial intelligence and robotics is supposed to make all these processes faster.

It sounds like a super powerful technological behemoth of the future, and even though investors from all the world are starting to get involved for the first time, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that The Magnus Collective could completely change the entire world’s use of technology over the next 1 to 2 years.

The minds behind Magnus have used and leveraged block chain technology to create a cryptocurrency that will be used to decentralize the exchange of information, sensor feeds, platforms, analytical capabilities, and more—all pieces of software and technology that have conventionally been created from scratch for every single purpose.

With Magnus Collective’s upcoming ICO, you can get special discounts on tokens, and get in on the ground floor of robotics and artificial intelligence before it’s too late. Each Magnus Token will be used as an exchange for AI and Robotics data—which will only increase in use and value over time.

Soon, your grandma will be able to communicate with AI systems—without any friction whatsoever. It’s about time humanity saw grandma get what she needs from technology—and not just see it as a brick wall. Get involved with Magnus Collective at, today!