BitClave | Disrupting the Ads Market through the Blockchain

BitClave is a system whereby smart contracts replace the middlemen in advertising. It adjusts the manner in which communities use the internet. BitClave builds a new standard for relationships between consumers and businesses on the basis of smart contracts. Online advertising has led many businesses to give a lot of money to middlemen in order for their promotions to reach a captive audience. But these promotions get a place among many other promotions hence crowding the advertising space. Sometimes the ads end up in other people’s spam box. More to this, companies have no assurance that the traffic they get due to these ads is genuine.

Actually, close to half of the traffic is generated by bots, hence defeating the advertising purpose.
This is not different from offline advertising. Often, offline advertising promotes content with a “miss or hit” mass mailer mentality. Lots of ad messages are delivered to users without any targeting or with little targeting. This results in low conversion rates. Ads are largely delivered to those whose attention is focused on something else or those who do not need the product or service.

The whole service value chain is negatively impacted by these ineffective promotion methods. This is so because the more companies pay middlemen like Google and Twitter, the more consumers have to pay for the goods. Hence, companies lose money and customers have to pay more for less. The answer to the above problems is to have a decentralized ecosystem that connects consumers and businesses directly. BitClave is such a system which eliminates the middlemen. With BitClave, you make personalized promotions to clients who have opted for your products or service.

BitClave allows consumers to control their own data They can opt into analytics and advertising by sellers through smart contracts. This allows companies to make promotions to an audience that is more likely to view the ads and interact with the goods or service. It also allows the audience to earn money for viewing these ads. Companies like Google and Facebook sell user data to brokers. This is not a problem with Bitclave since retailers promote their products to consumers firsthand. Hence there is increased user privacy with Bitclave.

One of the primary technological innovations focused on by BitCalve is a distributed system that is blockchain-based. This is referred to as the BitClave Active Search Ecosystem (BASE). This system allows for management and storage of a lot of consumer data which consists of records of consumer activities. This data is sourced from a variegated and unlimited number of attestation points. These consumer activities include accessing a specific WiFi network, entering a specific building, opening a mobile application, buying something, and requesting for a delivery online.
These activities are inclusive of any event which is shared with and which can be processed by enabled attestation points.

These enabled attestation points are websites, cameras, apps, mobile devices, WiFi routers, Bluetooth hubs, and cloud servers. These data are not sold to advertising service providers. It is instead contributed by users in a manner that is not centralized by use of blockchain. This implementation is similar to Bitcoin only that Bitcoin is currency and BitClave regards retail. With this system, both retailers and consumers spend less. Consumers spend less money for more value.

Why the Use of an ICO?

Bitcoin has many advantages like;
1. Bitcoins are not governing by any government body of the world.

. No transaction history traces.
These are also some of the disadvantages of Bitcoin which can be used to serve the nasty purposes.

But then ICOs took a step forward regarding Bitcoin’s adoption and innovation, ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. Initial Coin Offering is a firm way to convert the unregulated means of distribution of Bitcoin into regulated means. They want to put some rules and regulations in the trading of Cryptocurrency for the benefits of users.

They want to control the velocity by which Bitcoin’s venture is growing. They want to secure the future of Bitcoin at the same time wants to avoid nasty activities could be performed by it So, I think Bitcoin has no risks in it, the factors around it could lead to a calamity. So, whats your opinion regarding Bitcoin’s regulations? Let me know by leaving the comment down below. Hope this article would help you with your search.

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