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In 2017, Cryptocurrencies Boomed. In 2018, They’ll Soar Higher Than Ever.
That’s a pretty big statement, but, as the title of this article imposes, the meaning behind the idea that cryptocurrencies will be worth more than ever in 2018 is probably an understatement.

Why? January 1st, 2017 saw a total cryptocurrency market cap of $17 billion, with daily trading volumes hitting right around $300 million. By the end of the year, the total market was at $610 billion, with $33 billion traded on a daily basis. If you could invest in something that would go up 3588% in a year, you will make that investment without a second thought, right?

Well—Your chance is coming.
The truth is, current cryptocurrency exchanges face a number of problems. Interfaces are difficult to use, and the only way to figure out how to use exchanges is to look up forms online—which, as we all know, are very, very trusted sources [read: sarcasm]. But, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Customer service, security, exchange platform speeds, dangerous downtimes causing massive fluctuations, and on clear user policies have left cryptocurrency exchanges awfully unfriendly.

But, the crypto currency movement is upon us, and the decentralization of our financial and banking systems is not far behind.

New companies and organizations are moving to propel this movement to incredible new heights in 2018—and at the forefront is CAPDAX.

If you haven’t heard of CAPDAX, started memorizing the name now. CAPDAX is behind a brand-new concept called Social Trading. Social Trading is the impetus by which successful traders can replicate their gains over and over again on emerging assets and investments—while at the same time, empowering new traders to mirror successful investment strategies to invest their money in trades that have a higher percent chance of success.

So—As a leading trader, what is your inspiration to use CAPDAX block chain technology and CAPDAX tokens as you trade? The answer is simple: you can make more trades, faster, and reap more gains. Even if you have a team of people working on your investment portfolio, you are only going to have so much time in the day to make investments. Social Trading through CAPDAX monitors and replicates your most profitable transactions and trades—building a system that will execute similar transactions and trades for you automatically. This kind of “copy-trading” is the future of cryptocurrencies.

For new traders and followers, this is your golden opportunity to make greater gains than ever before. Just as veteran traders, even with teams of people working with them, only have so much time per day to dedicate to analyzing markets and making investments, a new trader will only have so much time to dedicate to learning the investing landscape. Social Trading will help new traders and followers to engage in multiple markets using strategies with proven track records.

CAPDAX and Social Trading comes full circle, as leading traders can establish reputations, and bolster their favored currencies by garnering their follower’s funds—creating bigger waves across world markets that will only serve to increase the value of their investments.

Successfully investing comes with a lot of vulnerability and risk. With CPDAX and Social Trading, however, we are greatly reducing the risk taken on by the everyday trader and giving leader traders a greater chance to make more gains than ever before. With cryptocurrencies only growing in value, CAPDAX’s Token Generation Event is said to be the advent of one of the largest financial movements in modern history.

If you want to be a part of CAPDAX’s Token Generation Event, and get behind Social Trading, you can learn more by going online to, today!