Crypto one stop solution is similar to a market space aimed at promoting crypto adoption by both merchants, individual customers, employees and employers. It is bent on organising a technology that control a simultaneous trade of every existing cryptocurrency. It is undebatable that certain Cryptos, especially the news ones, suffer some height of negligence. Hence skeptic of a bright future. 

Coss provides an outlet to exchange both crypto and fiat currencies. BTC, Etherum, Vrs, USD, EUR and more. Coss boast of being the one solution that the cryptocurrency industry lacks. Claiming it is about to bring a more technology driven market to the industry. COSS development team has expressed a unique vision regarding achievements on cryptocurrency mass adoption. Through meeting for customers’ needs via Coss services. It’s reward system totally inclined to fish more merchants and affiliates on board. And a vast cryptocurrency market.

The platform pursues a dream where exchange and transactions are swiftly concluded with satisfactory results. A crypto-ecosystem. In addition Coss consists of a website, seller tools, e-Currency and a mobile platform for android and IOS users. It is sure to expand to other platform in the near future. COSS is based on a cryptocurrency named VEROS (VRS) which is built on Ethereum. Veros is meant to serve as the gas for Coss. 

A few areas where crypto has failed and Coss has aimed to develop are: 
Real Estate
ATM’s and Public Exchange. 
The entire system is composed of multiple connected applications usable by both admins and users of Coss. 

The Core Application: 
The basic layout and functions are provided by the core application. 

Merchants Platform: 
Configure a merchant’s account. A merchant account provides a payment processor that enables businesses to accept the most popular cryptocurrencies. 

Handles exchange of both Cyptos and Fiat currencies.

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