E4ROW – Contribution Campaign Whitepaper

E4ROW - Contribution Campaign Whitepaper


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LPG Global Ventures, LLC (referred to here as “Live Player Games” or “LPG”) is a Nevis Limited Liability Company whose mission is to develop and popularize digital games and apps that utilize the cryptocurrency Ether (“ETH”). LPG’s first major product release has two components: An Android app called “Uncle Finney’s Poker” (“UFP”), and an Ethereum smart-contract called E4ROW (the “Escrow Contract”) which acts as a secure escrow for UFP and potentially future applications. LPG has created an additional contract called the E4ROW Token Contract (the “Token Contract”). LPG is initiating a “Contribution Campaign” wherein the Token Contract will create and distribute “Tokens” to “Qualified Participants” who contribute ETH to said Token Contract. This document will discuss LPG’s current product(s), future development plans, terms of the Contribution Campaign and associated benefits/risks to Contribution Campaign participants.