Onix – To the new financial era Whitepaper

Onix - To the new financial era Whitepaper


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As is well known, Bitcoin is the main cryptocurrency available in the market, is the one with the highest market capitalization and the greater acceptance, but this currency was a beta version that grew too much and was affected by its own immaturity and its exacerbated growth. It was developed with an algorithm that currently has centralized mining to large farms with very sophisticated equipment, and its mission to be a decentralized currency is being compromised. Additionally, the power pledge is limiting their flexibility to solve certain problems, as the number of transactions per block and the profitability in the future of the mining, which will result in a collapse in the blockchain itself, because in the future each block will leave less and less rewards and mining won’t be profitable, and it is not known whether transactions will become so attractive that they will keep motivating the maintenance of the connected nodes, and without nodes there is no network, as simple as that.