Renos – Coin Roadmap Whitepaper

Renos - Coin Roadmap Whitepaper


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Renos is a minimalistic crypto-currency which focuses on promoting community values in its contributors and followers of the project. Launched on the 26th of February 2017, it has amassed over 1000 users in less than a month (at the time of writing.) This was partly due to a airdrop of 90% of the total supply (30,000,000 RNS) in which 30,000 RNS were given to anyone who downloaded the wallet and sent their wallet address to the development team. The airdrop was a huge success with all funds being given away in less than 3 days. There was a 9% development fund allocated which is currently held in escrow by community member ParmaBTC and 1% (also held in escrow) for giveaways and promotions to be spent over time. The project works by encouraging community members to complete development tasks (Often referred to as “Bounties”) in return for a predetermined share of Renos Coins.