A Decentralised Hedge Fund Meet Monkey Capital

Everyone knows that blockchain technology is incredibly powerful, offering huge benefits for transferring value, trading tokens peer-to-peer, decentralised voting, secure messaging and many, many more applications. And yet to date, blockchain has failed to reach mass adoption. There is a new trend these days where old school companies meet this new blockchain and today I will explain one of those promosing projects.

Do you know that there is a new boom in ICO’s? There are various such ICOs that are going to come in the future. This article will provide an honest review on a bitcoin that can save users from losing their hard earned money. This coin is referred to as the Monkey Capital, which started to trade on 15th July this year The coin works as a hedge fund. Hedge funds provide a platform where people or a company invest their money in projects that they deem that they are viable.

By giving out Monkey coins, Monkey capital will obtain money to invest in projects like the space travel while continuously improving the last days of the Industrial revolution.
The team that manages this capital is drawn from various professional expertises to make sure that clients get the best returns on their investment. It has the best elite managers in the market. The top management is subjected to a transparent audit by a third party auditor at the end of each trading session. The team consists of an executive committee, consulting committees plus three panels.

This is one of the best block chain investment companies that many investors have been waiting for a long time The hedge fund in this company is decentralized. The company was formed with a sole objective of making profits through participating in a creative destruction. The company is a merger between two family companies namely DX markets and DMH&Co. The initial public offer of Monkey Capital will commence on 8th August and will run for a period of one month until 9th September this year The company has selected waves as a platform for issuing its tokens due to stability and security concerns. The company accepts deposits in the following currencies like BTC. ETH, and XRP. This is one of the best-managed hedge funds of all time that you need to try.

The team


WAVES is a versatile 2.0 platform that allows users to trade tokens of value on a fully decentralized network. This allows us to leverage the speed, security and transparency of the blockchain with the stability and adoption of established currencies – whether that means fiat currencies or digital cash. Gateways enable users to hold tokens representing USD, BTC and otherforms of money- even gold, or pieces of companies, physical or intellectual property. These can be sent and received quickly and conveniently over the blockchain, and redeemed for their underlying commodity through their Gateways, which are responsible for their value backup and own AML/KYC for the on/off ramps into/outside the blockchain respectively.

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