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Pecunio wants to make crypto currency and the ICO markets available for everyone because not everyone has access to it or goes through scams before finally beign able to understand it.
For them to achieve this goal they have decided to start an ICO where they will be able to collect funds and built their democratic platform.

Pecunio They make the most of an unique scoring and due patience procedure increasing on their team’s skill within the box of possibility speculations to find the most productive Blockchain skill and advances. Their central objective is to make the dynamic virtual foreign money and ICO markets obtainable for everybody, democratizing get admission to to the New Financial system. At the moment is making plans to supply 30.000.000 PCO tokens for a likeness 150.000 ETH in an open token deal. The target speculations are handiest Blockchain ventures.’s challenge team is recently checking the marketplace for blockchain new companies with particular incentive and top building possible. Dynamic consumer bolster, along side a easy to-utilize interface, provides to our phases esteem. is the sector’s first utterly decentralized hypothesis degree. recognizes Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin and Fiat Currencies (USD, YEN, EUR, SFR). All pieces are utterly tokenized, influencing them as fluid as a buck to fee. Some portion of our consumer pushed way shall be a loose industry for virtual currencies, making Pecunio a one-stop-look for easy speculations. is moreover the primary ICO ever to recognize new cash Bitcoin Money (BCC).

The returns shall be applied to gather their one in every of a type retailer degree. The group’s imaginative and prescient is to make all Blockchain ventures as fluid as a buck fee in essentially the most nice and maximum protected manner.



Our degree rearranges the doorway to the every so often confounded remedy of prepared contracts for non-technically a professional shoppers. With its retailer pieces covers all of the lifestyles cycle of Blockchain building: Angel and Undertaking Capital Investments, Preliminary Coin Choices (ICOs), and industry exchanged financial requirements and tokens.

The use for’s suggested riser monetary experts is significantly upper than with another present hypothesis association. All start-up speculations are ensured by way of the due decision team, and ensured by way of the Corporate. In June 2017 secured a 1 million USD accountability from Funding Corporate Valluga AG (Liechtenstein).




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