EncryptoTel – Encryption at its best

Blockchain and cryptocurrency have a lot of exciting projects that will amaze the world. EncryptoTel is one of the most interesting projects, and the team is aimed at securing VolP and blockchain communication infrastructure which are among the most upcoming industries to venture. On 24th April 2017, EncryptoTel started its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) which focused on $100,000 on coming up with a fully operating cloud PBX with trusted encryption which also of being stable, has a greater reach to customers and users around the world.

The project is entirely new regarding the technical innovation especially the integration of new advanced features like cloud PBX and the adoption of cryptocurrency.

Competitive advantages of EncryptoTel

• It’s the only PBX firm that shall accept cryptocurrency payments.
• Unlike other Encryption companies, it includes a diverse platform for individual and business applications EncryptoTel Innovative Strategies


• The communication service includes the latest security encryption system • It comes with free cloud storage of information • Provides the best service for international and local calls • Access to everyone • The cryptocurrency is universally accepted.


• EncryptoTel requires the user to make three to six conformations for a transaction to be considered safe. Therefore it’s slow and time-consuming.
• There is lack of awareness of the digital currency thus people need to be educated on cryptocurrency.

The White Paper details pre-release of EncryptoTel to be in the summer of 2017. The majority of the developments will be done during the fall while proper testing will be done towards the end of 2017. If all things go as expected, EncryptoTel is scheduled to be released for public use in the summer of 2018. The investors participating in the ICO will hold a maximum discount on all services and earn priority status on all orders. They will part of the strategic growth of the business.

EncryptoTel innovation

• Multiplatform, unified approach system which can be used with Linux, i0S, Windows and Android. The feature also supports audio and video calls as well as instant messaging.
• Due to the integration with the current smartphone’s application, EncryptoTel users will have a seamless experience. Customers using apps like Facebook and Zoiper will still use them only that the software will encrypt their calls
• Pseudonymous payments used by EncryptoTel will enable the customers to trace transactions back to their source and see how their money is moving.
• The current better version of EncryptoTel provides a traffic encryption technology which ensures the level of encryption on the clients server is high in order to eliminate interceptions or unauthorized access.


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