EU Report Advises Regulators Not to Ban or Ignore Cryptocurrencies

A present report revealed by the European Parliament advises policymakers and regulators not to ignore cryptocurrencies or strive to ban them. It discusses how crypto ought to be dealt with, their taxation, as well as to their potential have an effect on on financial strategies and central banks’ monopolies on money issuance.

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European Parliament’s In-Depth Analysis

The European Parliament remaining week revealed an in-depth analysis entitled “Digital currencies and central banks monetary protection: challenges ahead.”

EU Report Advises Regulators Not to Ban or Ignore CryptocurrenciesThe 33-page doc was provided by Protection Division A on the request of the Monetary and Monetary Affairs Committee. It’s co-authored by Marek Dabrowski and Lukasz Janikowski.

The report acknowledges that digital currencies (VCs) “are generally referred to as ‘cryptocurrencies’ on account of almost all of VCs rely extensively on use of cryptographic algorithms.” Nonetheless, the authors of the…

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