Fundyourselfnow a new stage to crowdfunding

Over the last few years, the crowdfunding system has taken an important part of the investment markets, allowing small brilliant ideas to get on track without the help of local investors, and small investors from all over the globe to participate in these projects.

Following this thematic today will be reviewing the FUNDYOURSELFNOW site, which offers a new and smart system based on the Blockchain technology and project milestone system to bring some new security to the crowdfunding investors when taking their money into a new project.

What does it offer?

FUNDYOURSELFNOW makes a new offer into the crowdfunding market which stands out from the others by presenting features that firstly help the project to avoid stagnation and protect the best interests of the crowdfunding investors by avoiding traditional platforms mistakes.

More control to the investors

By following the milestones system for their projects, this platform allows the investors to pause or stop the project in the given case that the promises are not being fulfilled in given stages of the project.
To achieve this, the FUNDYOURSELFNOW platform proposes the use of or ETH smart contracts, allowing the current investors to vote on pausing or stopping the milestone payments if needed.
The system works by a majority of voters, a 60% of votes are necessary in order to delay or block the project milestones.
A community access to a better mentorship and support

Crowdfunding platforms involve a community, and using this community to support active projects is one of the features that FUNDYOURSELFNOW offers to increase the success rate of its projects, this allows the creators to search for help which will be paid with Bounty credits, exchangeable in the platform’s marketplace.

This way the creators have a smarter access to knowledge and handwork, preempting the project from falling into stagnation.

Lower transaction costs

While typical platforms have an average of 9% fees overall, the FUNDYOURSELFNOW platform has only a listing fee of 5% of a successfully funded project, representing a saving of around 40% in comparison.

Internal marketplace

The FUNDYOURSELFNOW platform works with crypto-currency, tokens, and rewards that can be traded in the internal marketplace for Cash, Tokens, or ETH. Alongside with this, the company is looking forward to using this marketplace to protect the investments against and ETH currencies fluctuation.

Social features

The FUNDYOURSELFNOW platform allows users to interact, leave comments and discuss with the community. Also, token holders are able to rate and review the project owners allowing the investors to check what they are getting into before placing their money.


The project of the FUNDYOURSELFNOW platform is very optimistic, involved with trendy resources such as and ETH currencies, is planned to have an alpha version of the platform before the third quarter of 2017, integrate the FYN platform with ETH contracts by the same quarter and start the beta testing by the fourth quarter of the same year.

The official launch of the platform is programmed for the first quarter of 2018 along with a global marketing campaign and promotion. By the third quarter of 2018, the project is programmed to finish the details of the marketing place and launch a mobile app for the users.


FUNDYOURSELFNOW breaks some standards when it comes to crowdfunding systems, by involving milestones and crypto-currencies it might not only protect the crowdfunders investments but also allow the creators of the projects to develop a better result if the currency fluctuations run in their favor.
The market is always changing and a new idea to boost the creation of new ideas has a majority of pros.
In another aspect we can stand that the creation of projects such as this one might affect the crypto-currency market, enlarging their use when it comes to investments.