Hackers breach StatCounter to hijack Bitcoin transactions on Gate.io exchange

Hackers have breached StatCounter, certainly one of many internet’s largest internet analytics platforms, and have inserted malicious code inside the company’s foremost site-tracking script.

In accordance to Matthieu Faou, the ESET malware researcher who discovered the hack, this malicious code hijacks any Bitcoin transactions made by way of the web interface of the Gate.io cryptocurrency exchange.

“We contacted [StatCounter] nonetheless they haven’t replied however,” Faou knowledgeable ZDNet proper this second in an e mail. “The JavaScript file at www.statcounter[.]com/counter/counter.js continues to be compromised.”

Faou says the malicious code was first added to this StatCounter script over the weekend, on Saturday, November three. The code continues to be keep, as this screenshot taken sooner than the article’s publication can attest.

This JavaScript file is the central piece of StatCounter’s analytics service. Associated to the Google Analytics monitoring code, corporations load this script on their web sites to…

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