Indorse Decentralized Professional Network

In the past decade technology has significantly developed and has assisted us to share information freely and easily from one place to another through the entire globe. However, this has not been successfully established due to the issues of privacy and ownership. This is a key issue when it comes to personal information and ownership. However, Indorse platform has been established and has solved this problem by ensuring that it gives ownership of data Indorse is different from traditional platforms since it allows users to have ownership of their data, and enables them to accumulate profits from sharing their skills on the indorse platform. Indorse has developed an internal reward system which gives users incentives to add on their accomplishment and skills into the Indorse platform.

Indorse tokens and cryptocurrencies

IND tokens are usually issued during the time of purchase of Indorse tokens. IND tokens are important to advertisers since they are used to purchase advertising units on the platform. During the purchase of IND tokens, purchasers receive Indorse score tokens in addition to the purchased IND tokens. This assists them to Indorse the profile posting of members of Indorse platform. Through this token owners will have vested in the participating platform and indorsing their claims. Through the purchase of the Indorse tokens owners acquire the rights to seek Indorse services.

Digital asset

Digital asset exists in form of binary format and comes with the right to use For it to be classified as a digital asset, it must have an ownership right which is given by Indorse. Examples of Digital assets include, multimedia files, images, and textual content files. These assets have monetary value. Most of them represent the amount of goods or services sold by a company and they are also goods being sold. It is important to note that their value increases with their usage.

Initial coin offering (ICO)

ICO represents the time when a private company becomes a public LLC for the first time. In this case crypto tokens are created and divided among crowd funding participants. ICO is a crowd
sale of cryptographically secured block chain tokens to fund the development and operation. Indorse are doing ICO I exchange of a Bitcoin then if there is sufficient demand, the digital currencies will create a market so that they can be traded. This will create new sources of funds for individuals and entrepreneurs for investments. This means that Indorse are selling their tokens so that they can generate funds. This funds are used to incentivize young investors and entrepreneurs to become users of the Indorse platform.

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