Introducing Monaco – world’s best cryptocurrency card

The Monaco Card is a must have the card for those who have Bitcoin or Ether. It is also a great card for those who spend money in foreign currency. Monaco VISA Card will allow you to spend Bitcoin or Ether online and offline. Your entire Ether or Bitcoin account will not be exchanged, only what you are currently spending making Monaco a convenient card to use.
The exchange from Ether or Bitcoin will be happening in real time so there will be no delays. You can use the Monaco App to help you get the perfect interbank exchange rates. When you are using Monaco VISA you will be using the same perfect interbank exchange rates. With the use of Monaco App, you will have no problems sending money to other countries. You will be able to send in 23 currencies to 120 countries.

You can send money to other Monaco App users for free and instantly. It is very convenient and happens in real time Your Monaco mobile app will help train you how to access these features in as little as three minutes. It is very easy to receive a Monaco VISA Card. All you have to do is download the Monaco App on Android or iOS app. You go through a three-minute training process. You will then be issued and sent a Monaco Card without any charges.

The Monaco card can be used online or offline. Anyone who accepts VISA as payment will be able to process your Monaco VISA card payment. There are approximately 30 million merchants worldwide that accept VISA. When you use Monaco card visa you will be able to utilize the perfect interbank exchange rate, which means you will be saving 30 to 40 Euros on every 500 Euros you spend. That is a lot of savings compared to your typical street bank.

It is easy to fund your Monaco card account. All you have to do is fill it up with Ether and Bitcoin. It is instant and it is done for free. You can also apply for VISA credit with your Monaco card if you wish. It is a very simple process and the decision time takes about 48 hours.
Once your Monaco card turns into a credit card, you will be paying interests on your credit card, but only when you are using it as a credit card. The best part of Monaco is that it is seamless and you can easily keep track of your expenses with the Monaco app.
For those with Ether and Bitcoin, the Monaco ico is a great card to try. There are many savings when you do so because your exchange rate is perfect. You can send from one Monaco app to another in real time making gifting to family and friends an easier process. Download the Monaco App today on your mobile and get your Monaco ico in the mail instantly.

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