KickICO – Crowd Funding Evolved!

KickICO is a crowd funding and crowd investing service built using Ethereum. It allows people to submit projects and have them invested in. Investors (backers) can invest in these projects with cryptocurrencies like KickCoin. Backers can even increase their initial investments by investing in profitable campaigns. KickICO has helped provide hundreds of companies and individual entrepreneurs with a huge group of hungry investors. 

KickICO started out with crowd funding on a smaller scale in 2012. After this, they decided to create their own crowdfunding and crowd investing service, independently. They started construction in 2014 and it is finally ready to be unveiled in September 2017. KickICO has introduced many revolutionary ideas that were not available in past ICO platforms. 

CryptoCrowdFunding Bot
KickICO is providing users with the world’s first Cryptocrowdfunding bot. The bot allows investors to view campaigns that are trending, require a small investment, and much more. All of this comes from sending a text to their bot through the use of the KickICO messaging app. 

Extra Insurance
Not every campaign that backers invest in is going to be successful. KickICO provides an effective type of insurance to keep customers safe from failed campaigns. When a backer invests in a crowdfunding project, they receive two different types of cryptocurrencies. 

Extremely Low Fees
Compared to other ICO services, KickICO has some of the lowest fees. While other platforms charge anywhere from 20-45%, KickICO only requires 4% from both ICO and crowdfunding campaigns. This fee is charged after the campaign funding is finished. 

Fraud Protection
In the ICO industry, it is very easy to scam investors by creating fraudulent campaigns. KickICO provides a clever solution to this problem by giving backers access to KickICO’s own crypto currency, KickCoins. KickCoins act as a real and valuable asset in terms of investing in crowdfunding campaigns. 

Beginner Friendly Environment

Unlike many other ICO platforms, KickICO makes it very easy for someone with no knowledge of crypto currencies to start or invest in a campaign. 


KickICO provides investors and creators with a new and revolutionary approach to ICO. For the first time, backers have protection against fraudulent campaigns. Creators are given access to new audiences and large groups of investors. Both parties win with KickICO.

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