Meet Particl, your privacy centered marketplace

Particl is a digital world allowing privacy for individuals to shop globally as well as engage in private conversations and transactions. But is their more to Particl. Yes there is. Particl is a native market place that allows people to interact safely, locally and globally with encrypted comunication. The amazing Particl works succesfully by using crypto currency to secure transactions, without making an error of receiving an underpayment or an abuse of credit.

The Particl Marketplace will soon enough be an luring option for everyone who buys or/and sells anything online.You can buy or sell anything, just like eBay, Etsy or Amazon, except that all the transactions, payments and conversations happen over a self-controlled, distributed network instead of a central server. Particl broadens the horizon of dong business, this is next generation of networking and doing business for much less risk of loss.

Earn Free Particl

Yearly inflation of PART tokens is 5% the first year and drops 1% each year until the fourth year where it levels out at 2%. Despite the fact of how much money is being made by work put in, look how much money you are saving with less effort having to be made.

Particl Whitepaper

Particl’s white paper explains the decentralization of the market place. This is securing the business place for all potential users of this market place. The two main components to guarantee(d) security are the block chains and data storage network.The block chains are basically used for the process of financial funds, but they are used by Particl to store market-place indexes and identities.

The data storage network on the other hand is made to store market lists as well as various other communicated texts, images or videos. Particl is an amazing upgraded online economic network that is secured and has given every client power over their own will and finance as well as the freedom their of.

Particl for Investors

Particl secures their client base whether it being buyers or sellers, in this market place it remains business. Particl offers their stakeholders the opportunity to earn income without necessarily buying or selling anything on the market. Their network is secured by Proof of Stake, meaning by running Particl and staking coins, you work for the network.The reward for that work is PART tokens. Crypto currency coinsacting as an value measurement in your financial affairs, but technological more advanced and reffered to be digital money stored in e-wallet like fashion. As the popularity of the Particl platform and the market specifically increases, the rewards to work for the network will also increase.

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