Meet the Pac-Man That Eats Bitcoin at this 21st Century Arcade

The amusement arcade, like the buying heart, is a 20th century relic. As quickly as synonymous with teen idling and coming of age, these hangouts have since been eaten by the internet. Nevertheless in a single New Zealand metropolis, the arcade is biting once more, led by a Pac-Man that feeds on bitcoin.

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Taking a Chunk out of Bitcoin

Namco’s beloved Pac-Man, launched in 1980 sooner than spawning a string of sequels and spin-offs, lives on in amusement arcades the world over. The question is, who’s collaborating in? These youngsters who grew up chasing aliens spherical lurid mazes at the second are adults, and their progeny don’t have any need for the mall now there’s an entire universe nestling of their pocket.

In Blenheim, a quiet wine-producing metropolis of 31,000, the crumbling amusement arcade has been reborn. From the exterior, Arcadia appears to be similar to a different arcade: pale; deserted; residing off…

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