Meet Vestarin a Marketplace for Crypto

Vastarin is a new cryptocurrency that is geared to make day to day business transactions easier, more efficient and widely accepted. It is highly reliable and provides secure transactions. This cryptocurrency is also widely accepted and can be stored in an e-Wallet. The altcoin is already receiving mainstream appeal. That’s because holders can buy Tesla cars using the Vestarin token (VST). There are many other characteristics which make the altcoin a beneficial medium of exchange and opportunity for investment.

Their Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is currently underway. It is being performed as an effort to provide a chance for investment in the platform and also raise funds as part of its product roadmap.

Characteristics of Vestarin

-> Ease of use
-> Business owners can integrate their enterprises into the Vestarin platform. Doing so allows users to pay for goods and services using this cryptocurrency.
-> After integrating your business into the Vestarin eco-system, you can utilize a user-friendly program to interact with your consumers and direct the flow of your VST tokens. Not only does it capture transaction details, the program also provides access to cryptocurrency exchanges. This allows business owners to transform the VST token into another altcoin or fiat currency of their choice.

It is a comprehensive platform

Vestarin is much more than just a cryptocurrency, it is a Blockchain platform where users can integrate their project ideas. They can do so through their own team of ICO representatives. Having accomplished this, users of Vestarin can vet the projects and discuss them in public. This creates a reputation for the project leading to investor confidence and eventually a successful ICO.

Collaborative platform

Professionals in the Blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts can use Vestarin as a common platform for co-working. It can provide a place where they can share ideas and come up with solutions for current and future problems.



Vestarin has been active for a year During this time, it has garnered confidence and enthusiasm from cryptocurrency users. Over 10,000,000 users have enrolled into the platform. More than $1 billion has been spent in VST tokens. In addition to that, the Vestarin token currently has a capitalization of $50 million. As such, investors can be sure to experience a growth in the value of their holdings due to skyrocketing interest in Vestarin.




By: CryptoBjorn