Mischief-Maker Promises to Livestream a 51% Altcoin Attack

“On Oct 13, three:00 CDT I shall be doing a 51% assault in opposition to the cryptocurrency Einsteinium,” began the call-to-arms. As ensures go, this one was as daring as a result of it was brazen. The anonymous attacker has promised to assume majority hashrate administration of an altcoin to show how easy the strategy is. As proof, they’ve not solely given truthful warning of the assault, nevertheless have promised to livestream the event.

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51% Attacking Altcoins Is Now a Spectator Sport

Mischief-Maker Promises to Livestream a 51% Altcoin Attack51% assaults, via which a malevolent attacker options majority administration of a cryptocurrency’s hashrate, after which most likely makes use of this profit to fraudulently double spend transactions, have been a recurring motif in 2018. In the midst of the course of three months, a string of altcoins have been 51% attacked along with bitcoin gold and verge, the latter succumbing twice. Now, one different scrypt-based coin,…

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