Musicians have always been ripped off – here’s how to fix it

The music ’s enterprise model has always been broken. For over 100 years artists have been paid a fraction of the earnings their music makes. Take Enrico Caruso, an Italian opera singer from the early 1900’s, credited with being one in all many very first recorded artists. Over his lifetime he revamped 488 recordings, just about utterly for Victor, a report label now typically referred to as RCA and owned by Sony Music. Whereas it is alleged that this made Caruso terribly rich, netting him nearly $2 million, his label scooped nearly twice that and continues to be creating wealth from his recordings proper this second.

Many suppose the golden age of vinyl and CD’s was a time when artists have been fairly compensated, nevertheless even then musicians weren’t exactly raking it in. A report implies that, when data have been nonetheless modern, of every $1,000 of albums purchased, 18% went to the musicians, 63% to the report label, and 24% to distributors. Meaning each…

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