Rustbits: Game-based Blockchain tokens and trading cards

Cryptocurrency- the blanket term for all forms of digital currencies that operate independent of banks, was brought to the world’s attention in 2009. Cryptocurrency had been in existence before 2009 but its first decentralized form, Bitcoin, was invented in 2009. It is extremely secure and effective and is quickly gaining favor as the best way to trade online in these complicated times. Anyway, if you know anything about the dark web then you probably know a fair bit on Bitcoin.

Bitcoin, in an oversimplification, is a payment system, peer to peer that relies on nodes on the network for verification and a public ledger known as a block-chain. Bitcoin like any other mainstream currency, inevitably generates its own alternative currencies, and in cryptocurrency, these currencies are known as alt-coins. One of these alt-coins is RustBits. Several game developers nowadays have begun making games that make use of cryptocurrency for in-game payments.

SpacePirate: Age of Rust is now one of them. It is a dark Sci-Fi adventure RPG. The game is set in a dystopian future and action takes place throughout the universe. The game’s digital currency is its’ main talking point, however. Players are rewarded in RustBits or other alt-coins which can be used to arm, decorate or otherwise improve the player but not grant him direct victory as is the case with normal games which have a Pay to Win structure. The tokens(RustBits) in the game also act as fuel for the game. RustChain cards are (Counter party) assets that can be collected by players to be traded or used to liven up their experience. As more of the cards are created RustBits will be ‘burned’. RustBits in the game don’t serve the singular purpose of reward; they can also be used to pay for items in the game.

The RustChain cards appear on the BlockChain for a limited amount of time and thankfully, can be used outside the game. Inside the game, the cards can be used to equip players with special items or capabilities. Some cards with be awarded free to players as rewards for solving a puzzle or reaching certain achievements. The game is only in its early stages but its Potential is huge. The inclusion of cryptocurrency has far reaching implications. As the value rise of cryptocurrency is unrelentless, the RustBit potential is almost tangible. The premium, which controls basically every internal financial aspect of the game, enhances not just the player experience but the value of the game. RustBits will quickly emerge as a reliable medium as the game rolls and membership explodes. It might be the next big thing.


CARD 1: Rogue Mech — Only 1200 issued
CARD 2: Forgotten Wasteland — 2000 issued
CARD 3: The Bounty — 5000 issued
CARD 4: Ghost Pilot — 6000 issued

RustChain Distribution

RustChain cards created and distributed by burning RustBits tokens. RustChain cards will be distributed between August 1st and September 30th.
The Weekly breakdown of distribution is as follows:

WEEK 1 : Cards(1-4) — 3000 RustBits ea
WEEK 2 : Cards(1-4) — 4000 RustBits ea
WEEK 3 : Cards(1-4) — 5000 RustBits ea
WEEK 4 : Cards(1-4) — 7000 RustBits ea
WEEK 5+ : Cards(1-4) — 9000 RustBits ea
Unsold RustChain cards will be burnt on September 30th.

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