Second Class Citizens or a False Narrative? The Non-Mining Node Debate Heats Up

Over the last few months, there was an ongoing theoretical and ideological debate concerning the excellence between mining nodes and non-mining nodes, and whether or not or not or not one set of nodes is additional important than the alternative. The ongoing argument between BCH proponents and BTC supporters normally ends in the node debate as to which group of nodes is stronger. The dispute has even led some BTC luminaries to state that prospects who don’t run a completely validating node are merely ‘second-class residents’ throughout the land of cryptocurrency.

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The Ongoing Debate Over the Significance of Non-Mining Nodes

Nodes. Numerous individuals from contained in the BTC and BCH camps are talking about cryptocurrency lovers who swear by the importance of non-mining nodes and the dialogue has leaked into completely different digital asset communities as properly. Non-mining nodes are primarily a full doc of…

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