The world of business is not one for the faint-hearted. Competition is brutal among businesses wherever you go around the world, as even old established multi-nationals can fall from the top of the pyramid, as many examples already within this century have shown us. Nokia and Blackberry at one point were the leading makers of mobile phones, but in 2018, both giants have long foundered and are well beyond their past glory days. To cut the story short, no business however big can take its market share or position in the industry for granted.

The world moves so fast, and opinions with them so much so that any business owner that does not listen to the winds of change and move accordingly with them is bound to become obsolete and their products irrelevant. Having the right kind of data and using it effectively is a crucial tool for businesses to stay ahead of the game. And for very long, the seamless access to key industry-shaping data has been well beyond the reach of most businesses, well, until the birth of the blockchain technology and the Sentigraph platform with it.

So how will Sentigraph become a key factor n the success of big and small businesses this century? The following are some of the very unique reasons why this platform and its services are absolutely crucial for any business that hopes to not only survive but thrive in an ever-competitive business world.

Detecting Trends:

One of the unique thing about the Sentigraph platform is that it does not only help businesses take not of present trends in their respective markets and areas of interest, it also empowers them with the surgical tools to pinpoint the likeliest trends that will take form in the times ahead. Making a move before everyone smells the coffee has been the key tool that make the fortunes of businesses, and with the AI empowered, blockchain based Sentigraph platform, now businesses have the very tools in their hands to checkmate their competitors before they even make their first moves.

Dictating Trends:

Well if you can detect what is about to happen, why not set the actual tone of what it might turn out to be? Sentigraph is a platform that takes the saying that “Information is Power” and with its cutting-edge, mood detecting service, its platform will refine raw data that is of little use to create clear-cut charts on what the public thinks on any issue. A business can in turn use this public mood swing to create its own tailor-made offerings that can push it further towards its desired goals. Sentigraph allows you as a business owner not only detect what is likely to happen concerning your industry, but also give you the opportunity to take part in actually shaping it.

Deal with PR Nightmares:

The world is connected 24/7 and news can travel in a flash. For businesses this is a double-edged sword that benefits or spells their doom. During the good days, the fast permeation of positive information plays a vital role in solidifying the reputation of a business and enhance its market position to the point that its stoke prices move upwards. But during the ad times, (and every business has those), the effect of negative news can be devastating to any business. Just recently we saw the effect of the spread of news as Snapchat lost a value to the tune of $1 billion within a day on a Rihanna tweet, while Facebook continues to hemorrhage from its continued data breach scandal.

Businesses need an effective PR management tool that will allow them say the right thing and make the right moves whenever a PR disaster is afoot. Sentigraphgoes deep and scoops at what the public is truly thinking and offers them to you as a business owner. Surely that will come in handy during the bad times that could easily break the resolve of one’s business

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