SkinCoin – The eSports Token

Do you frequently take part in betting? If your answer is yes then it’s obvious that you have come across the Skincoin crowdsale options. Besides Bitcoin, which is now quite a common cryptocurrency type, there are so many other crowdfunding and crowdselling alternatives that have evolved recently. However, it becomes important for more and more people to know the basics behind Skincoin so that they can opt for a suitable betting alternative.

So, what is Skincoin?

It is a universal cryptocurrency that is based on Etherum to facilitate the instant trading of Dota 2 skins, Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), and other eSports event betting. Skincoin is a term derived from Skins, which are virtual items or tokens to be used in the games you are betting form. These skins items help in changing the appearance of the player’s, including the weapons and other measures that they use in the game.

Skincoin Crowdsale

Remember, crowdsale is not same as crowdfunding. The latter is a predictive measure used in betting, which gives a person depositing an amount an idea of what is to come back to him/her. On the other hand, in the case of Skincoin Crowdsale, you get something that does not only have an unpredictable value but you will also be unaware of how you need to use it

To help you here is how crowdsale works. You get a token, which you are clueless of These tokens are released given to the Etherum blockchain platform you are using. You need to trade these token with game sites. You can either buy or sell the skins or token or you may also involve in gambling bets.
Tokens don’t have physical existence rather they are digital poker chip like thing stored in computers or mobile phones. The value of the skins can vary from a cent to thousands of dollars. However, if you are trading them directly with game developers, you won’t be able to exchange it for cash while secondary markets will allow you to do as soon as you are the winner.

Skincoin Crowdsale & ICO

Immediately after the Initial Coin Offer (ICO), Skincoin is integrated into game projects involving skin trading or token trading. Referring to the Skincoin whitepaper takes bet seekers to the fundamentals of token trading under ICO. The ICO for Skincoin Crowdsale is distributed according to the needs. The marketing division is allocated 60 percent of it while development division is offered 20 percent with service scaling section getting 20 percent of the fund.
The upcoming ICO Skincoin crowdsale has already begun on June 21, 2017, and it is scheduled to end on July 21, 2017. So Hurry up to win and earn quickly.