Spectiv: The Decentralized Virtual Reality Platform

Spectiv is a streaming platform that makes uses of block chain-based attention markets to make support to widespread adoption of virtual reality. Spectiv can also be said to be a non centralized virtual reality system based around an attention market token. Spectiv works by making use of Signals tokens as well as separate currency called Specs. Sigs tokens fasten growth of VR industry by making connection between attention market and Ethereum block chain while specs are virtual reality token that supports internal platforms like advertising, tipping and premium purchases.

Spectiv is characterized by several factors that includes: live VR streaming of sport activities where viewers can participate from their comfort of their homes, the platform is also community driven this enables users to stream any personal experience with their own VR equipment’ Spectiv has strategic plans of acquisition of their own multi billion VR industry. Spectiv whitepaper has projected that this will lead to a growth to over $ 30 billion by 2020, making it one of the most fastest growing industry in the universe. It also has plans in future to create their own original VR content by making partnership with famous production and organizations companies, the content will produced by VR technologies under supervision of spectiv production team.


1) Tokens- Spectiv will make use of two tokens. Specs will be utilized as an internal platform currency for the purpose like premium and tipping content. Sigs will be used as decentralized tokens, sigs enhances growth of VR industry by making connection with attention markets and Ethereum block chain.

2) Spectiv original VR content- It plans to come up with their original content. This content will be made by utilization of VR technologies under supervision of Spectiv production team.

3) Commercial VR Events- Spectiv will host VR live streams of sporting events, concerts and other premium services this will give their audience engaging perspective of particular events and enable them to watch from their homes and fully participate at the same time.
4) Community driven VR content- Users are allowed to contribute their VR experiences. Participants can stream any personal experiences with their own VR Equipment, these content ranges from professional to casual uploads records.


Spectiv plans to remain competitive in the industry through its user driven content, it is user integrated exchange of virtual reality experiences. It is more than a portal as users can use to watch favorite events and still share experiences with other audiences. Spectiv also covers very large spectrum of events making it community driven platform.

Spectiv has emerged as one of popular streaming platform and it plans to grow in future by utilization of the best VR technologies and it has also announced a date for its token creation crowd sale that is scheduled to take place come august this year.