Study Finds “No Evidence” of USDT Price Manipulation

A analysis inspecting the extensively suspected correlation between Tether issuance and BTC worth movement, undertaken by Wang Chun Wei and revealed by the School of Queensland, has found that USDT grants mustn’t have a “statistically vital” influence on worth fluctuations. Regardless of refuting the correlation between worth fluctuations and Tether grants, the analysis notes a “optimistic relationship” between USDT issuance and “elevated crypto-trading the following day.”

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Study Finds No Statistical Correlation Between Tether Issuance and BTC Price Actions

Study Finds “No Evidence” of USDT Price ManipulationWang Chun Wei’s latest analysis, titled “The affect of Tether grants on Bitcoin,” has found the issuance of USDT doesn’t have a “statistically vital” influence on BTC worth actions.

Among the many many key assertions concluded by the analysis are that “It’s unlikely that Tether manipulation induced the 2017…

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