The Futility of Government Bans – Bitcoin Always Finds a Way

Cryptocurrencies have been threatened at one stage or one different by virtually every nation on the planet. Hardly does a authorities enterprise previous rhetoric. These resorting to crackdowns are generally met with higher public urge for meals for decentralized digital money, making all that preliminary fuss an practice in futility. Be they communist strongholds or liberal democracies, bitcoin can’t be stopped.   

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Government Threats Met with Pushback

In response to a newest Republic of Korea (ROK) bureaucrat’s assertion, inflicting mainstream media to roar about a “ban” on bitcoin, the South Korean avenue riled to digital barricades. Residents flooded petition signatures to the President. Social media contained oceans of indignant suggestions demanding the offending minister’s sacking. The stress grew so intense, companies contained in the equivalent authorities began contradicting one another, ending with an official…

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