What is DentaCoin?

The dental industry, driven by a desire to improve the comprehensive dental care quality has come up with the bitcoin of dentistry. Dentacoin works by giving power to people and by using some tools each of them an aspect of the dental industry. As the first cryptocurrency of its kind, it presents numerous opportunities for investment in the high-tech oriented, 500 billion USD worth industry.

How will Dentacoin work?

By creating and implementing the block chain for trusted dental reviews, the crypto coin will allow patients to raise their voice. Dentists, on the other hand, will have access to up to date and valuable market research and immediate customer feedback. The crypto coin review platform will ensure trust, speed, safety and optimal autonomy. Moreover, with the Dentacoin insurance model, the patients will receive lifelong dental care services achieved by paying monthly installments to their doctors in DCN. Dentists will be strongly motivated to give quality care and advice to their patients. The blockchain based smart contract will trigger a powerful momentum that will lead to the opening of DCN wallets in dentists and patients.


The Dentacoin Team will create the prerequisites for further steps of global market penetration and will provide valuable results from market research. Currently, the developing team is working with the address database, front end, and the smart contract. Even before the presentation of the ICO in October, the platform has already been presented to the market. After the ICO, the implementation of advertising campaigns and market offensive strategies will begin. This will create a rapidly growing community of dentists and patients.

The expected benefits of the Dentacoin include;

Transparent reviews

Once they have entered the blockchain, the reviews cannot be changed

The forever hosted storage Market research value

The patients will be able to choose the dentists with highest rating

The patients will have a chance to present their views The dentacoin is expected to spread far.


Every single review will be rewarded from the foundation as long as there will be dentacoins in stock. Once the dentacoins are spread, the doctors will be required to pay for their reviews. He will obtain the Dentacoins from his patients as the mode of payment. There will be the creation of a closed ecosystem where the real money will be operating in a closed circle. The basic idea will be to provide and maintain a decentralized review system that will be based on the Ethereum smart contracts. The website will review high-quality patient reviews.

Join the ICO

Visit Dentacoin.com for more information about this project.