What Is Havven Cryptocurrency? An Interview With Founder Kain Warwick

Havven is an Australian stablecoin problem constructed on two currencies: its stablecoin, the Nomin, or nUSD, and its collateral token, Havven. The problem raised US$30 million in its seed funding and ICO phases and launched its decentralized on-chain foreign exchange on June 11, 2018. In my interview with Havven founder Kain Warwick, we talked about Havven and the stablecoin market.

Leslie Ankney: Hey Kain, thanks for taking my title. Havven is every a value system and a stablecoin. The whitepaper states, “Havven rewards suppliers of stability and bills people who demand it.” Would possibly you give us a short description of how the Havven ecosystem works?

Kain Warwick: Constructive, Havven makes use of two tokens. Havven is the collateral token and the Nomin token is the stablecoin, moreover often called nUSD on account of it tracks US . nUSD is backed by the price of the collateral tokens. What which implies is, we now have to create value throughout the collateral tokens and the easiest way that we do…

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